Church History

When we view the pews and look over the fields and think of those who have filled their spaces we can only bow our heads in humble submission to Him who doeth all things well.

In the year of our Lord 1889, this church was organized by Rev. J.W. Weaver, Rev. G.W. Carver, Brother David Stokes and members from the Rock Creek and Antioch Baptist Churches, namely: Brothers John Martin, Charlie Williams, Abe Green, and Sis. Grace Wallace. Rev. J.W. Weaver was elected pastor.

Reverend J.W. Weaver Administration  1889-1893
He was a great man and leader. He ordained two deacons: Brothers A. Bell and Charlie Williams and added to the church two (2) members: Brother Bert Williams and Sis. Grace Davis. After serving as pastor for four (4) years, he was succeeded as pastor by Rev. Broxton.

Reverend Broxton Administration 1893-1897
During his time as pastor, he kept this band together the best way that God had given him knowledge. He ordained two (2) deacons: Brothers Peter Weaver and A.H. Carpenter and many souls were added to the church.

Reverend Anthony Clark Administration 1897-1902
Rev. Clark came as a cyclone and swept things as he went. Many souls were added to the church and he ordained to the gospel ministry Bro. Willie Ellison.

Reverend S.W. Washington Administration 1902-1913
He was a God sent man and during his eleven (11) years as pastor, he added many souls to the church and ordained ten (10) deacons: Brother's Ike Wilson, Tom Mitchell, Getters Anfield, Anthony Lightfoot, S.G. Gordon, Willie Boyd, Mitch Morris, Bill Stokes, and General McCullough, and to the gospel ministry Bro: James Taylor. Under his leadership the old church was remodeled and later a new church was built with Deacon Tom Wilson serving as secretary. Rev. Washington became ill and his body weak, so he could then say, "I have fought a good fight and I've finished my task, now I must go and take my rest from the work that I have done."

Reverend W.M. Lovett Administration 1913-1931
God had given us another great leader and many souls were gained for Christ. He ordained four (4) deacons: Brothers Frank Howard, Jesse Jones, Tom Mitchell and H.W. Griffin and received by letter three (3) Deacons: Allen Munday, Wiliest McGee and Henry Flournoy. Rev. Lovett served willingly for eighteen (18) years with Deacon Tom Wilson serving as secretary for eleven (11) years. Then the church elected Bro. J.R. Young as secretary and he served five (5) years and the body elected Bro. P.W. Weaver secretary and he served for two (2) years. After Deacon Griffin was elected secretary, he served one (1) year and was succeeded by Deacon S.G. Gordon.

Deacon Gordon was put upon that rock that Christ told Peter, "Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it". For twenty-seven (27) years Deacon Gordon was on the job serving faithfully. After serving as pastor for eighteen (18) years Rev. Lovett became dissatisfied and resigned.

Reverend J. H. Evans Administration 1931-1933
While on the field of labor many souls were gained for Christ. He ordained two (2) deacons: Brothers Mose Lightfoot and Frank Howard. He then resigned and left the church in peace. We were again without a pastor, Rev. J. W. Wilson of Savannah, Georgia preached for two (2) months, Rev. C.W. McCullough preached three (3) months then the church elected Rev. W.R. Franklin of Waynesboro, Georgia as pastor.

Reverend W. R. Franklin Administration 1933-1934
Rev. Franklin served one (1) year and render great service to the church and many souls were gained for Christ on the first Sunday in January 1934, Rev. C.W. McCullough preached and on the first Sunday in February, Rev. Mose Davis preached a powerful sermon then the church elected Rev. C.W. McCullough as pastor.

Reverend C.W. McCullough Administration 1934-1935
Being a son of the house he did great works for the church. On the 16th of February 1934 the church was destroyed by fire, but as people said, "Let my house be a house by the side of the road where I can be a friend to man." After which the Rock Creek Antioch Baptist Church doors flew open to us. We held our serves there for one month, which was the first Sunday in April, then we as the prodigal son, returned home and held services in our new church with Rev. McCullough still our leader. Then he became dissatisfied and left the church in peace. Again we were without a leader, but our trueborn Christians kept the faith and stood up faithfully. The Rev. B.F. Telfix of the Blount Hill Baptist Church preached two (2) months. Then in the year of our Lord 1935, we elected Rev. J. H. Evans for the second time as pastor.

Reverend J.H. Evans Administration 1935-1939
He was still a great man and during his leadership many souls were gained for Christ and four (4) deacons was ordained: Bros. Henry Reese, Sam Young, Tom Jones and Fred McKelton. Also, during his administration electric lights were installed. Then he resigned and left the church in peace. Rev. T. M. Burton succeeded him as pastor.

Reverend T.M. Burton Administration 1939-1955
God had sent us another great leader and he did great work for the up keeping of the church. He ordained six (6) deacons: Brothers Lodge Williams, Berrien Davis, Eddie Lee Parrish, Isaiah Kirkland Jr., Edward Lewis, and John Darlington and to the gospel ministry three (3): Brothers Amos Young, Willie Hall and James Dukes. During Rev. Burton's sixteen (16) years of service at this church, many necessary improvements were made, the church was painted and new steps were added and many souls were gained for Christ. In the year of our Lord, 1952 Deacon Edward Lewis was elected secretary and served faith-fully for twenty-four (24) years. In December 1955, Rev. Burton became dissatisfied, resigned and left the church in peace. The first Sunday in January 1956, Rev. Amos Young preached; on the first Saturday in April 1956 Rev. W.W. Jones preached was elected pastor.

Reverend W.W. Jones Administration 1956-1962
He did great work for the church. He ordained one deacon: Brother James Benefield, Sr. and gained many souls for Christ. During his time as pastor we installed an electric pump, painted the church and built outdoor toilets. He served as pastor for five (5) years and nine (9) months. During the last twelve (12) months of his administration, the church became dissatisfied and voted against him and asked for his resignation. Rev. Jones delivered his farewell sermon on the first Sunday in December 1962. The first Sunday in January 1963, Rev. Charlie Collins preached and the first Sunday in May, Rev. W.J. Crockett preached and the church felt that he would be a good leader.

Reverend W.J. Crockett Administration 1963-December 31, 2000
For thirty-seven (37) years under Rev. Crockett's leadership the church has grew in every department and many necessary improvements were made. Rev. Crockett and his family built a block wall and two (2) side drains, the church was been totally renovated with the exterior of the church painted, two (2) Educational Rooms added to the church's annex, a new choir stand built, indoor restroom's installed, a vestibule built, water cooler installed, PA system purchased, also electric fans installed along with a heating and air conditioning system, new carpet laid with padded pews and pulpit furniture along with a communion set and two (2) communion chairs and table purchased. Still under the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, Rev. Crockett along with dedicated members built a Dining Room, installed an indoor Baptism Pool, and purchased a new Piano with the help of The W.J. Crockett Gospel Choir who is named in honor of our pastor. The church has been completely bricked also we have installed heating and air conditioning system in our Dining Room and purchased an electric stove. Just recently along with the help of some dedicated members we installed a hot water tank, refrigerator and communion set for our sick and shut in member was purchased, we also started a Nursing Home Ministry.

Reverend Crockett build a Bulletin Board and visitors sign in stand; also under his leadership the church organized the Fellowship of Christian Athletic Club; Trustee Board and has done many great things to improve the growth and function of the church.

Most recently the church installed a fence around our cemetery and the Mother's Board purchased a communion and pulpit covering along with the sign of The W.J. Crockett Annex. The church has a purchased Bibles and Hymnal as well as a van to help transport those that wish to worship with us .We also went to full time service in 1995. On September 10, 1984 we laid our cornerstone, which was a great moment in the live of all our members. Under Rev. Crockett's leadership many souls has been won for Christ the church has received by baptism 444 members; 44 by Christian experience and receive by letter 51 he has ordained seven (7) deacons: Bros. Acie McCullough Sr., Alvin McCullough, Andrew Clay Jr., (who served as finance secretary for over twenty and resigned in December of 1999). He also ordained Bros. Julian Lewis, Tracy Lewis, Daniel Sapp and Melvin Brown. Rev. Crockett also licensed and ordained seven (7) to the gospel ministry they are: Sis. Ella Benefield Thomas; Brothers: Samuel Lee Kirkland, Isaiah Kirkland, 3rd.and Roy Gaines. Pastor Crockett ordained to the gospel ministry three (3) Samuel T. Solomon Jr. and Eugene and Bertha Tanyzmore.

On The second Sunday in October 1966, Rev. Crockett along with some of the church's adult and young members organized the first Youth Church in this area. This church is still functioning today and doing a fine job, both spiritually and financially.

In January 1968, Sister Rosa Kirkland was elected recording secretary, she loved her work and rendered great service for the church, but on May 17, 1968 she was called from labor to reward, our loss but we believe heaven's gain.

In July 1968, Sister Willie Mae Jones was elected recording secretary and serve faithfully until December 1974, at this time Sis. Martha Kirkland was elected recording secretary and is still serving today.

On April 14, 1976, Deacon Isaiah Kirkland Jr. was called from labor to reward. Deacon Kirkland served God and his church faithfully he was assistant chairman of the Deacon Board, Church Treasurer, Sunday School Superintendent and held Ward # 2. Deacon Kirkland was indeed a Christian, a family man, and a brother in Christ; we loved him but God loved him best.

In May of 1976, Deacon Edward Lewis was elected chairman of the Deacon Board and served faithfully until December 1997.

On April 15, 1984, Deacon Sam Young was called from labor to reward. Deacon Young was a dedicated member, a Christian gentleman and faithful servant of Christ. He served the church as custodian for many years at the time of his death he was Chairman Emeritus of the Deacon Board.

On December 11, 1988 one of our young and dedicated deacons was called from labor to reward, Deacon Tracy Lewis, one that loved his church and served faithfully, he was church custodian and also served on the Finance Committee.

Dr. Walter J. Crockett retired on December 31, 2000, after thirty-seven years of dedicated and loyal service. And to continually show our love and appreciation to him as pastor for the many years of dedicated service; in January 2001 he was bestowed the honor of Pastor Emeritus of Phillip Grove Missionary Baptist Church.
Reverend Eugene Tanzymore * December 16, 2000-January 29, 2006

Rev. Eugene Tanzymore and his lovely wife Rev. Bertha Tanzymore (Co-Pastor); was all ready placed in the mountain and step in when Pastor Crockett retired to continue God's work with the help of dedicated members. The church did not suffer in any way. The ministries and services that were in place under Pastor Crockett were continually supported and improve upon.

Under Rev. Eugene and Rev. Bertha Tanzymore leadership the church has received by water baptized 48 members; 12 members received under Christian Experience and 10 members have been restored back to the fellowship of Christ. He also ordained two (2) Deacons: Bros. James Jones and Thomas Kirkland.

The church has purchased new tables and chairs for the dining room, purchased a new computer; refurbish the ladies bathroom, remodeled the pastor's study, purchased a 42 passenger bus, new communion and offering trays, drum set, popped corn the ceiling of the church, purchased new doors for the front of the church and screen doors for the annex, installed new door in the church's sanctuary.

The following ministries were developed: a Men's Ministry; Single Ministry; Outreach Ministry and Prison Ministry to minister those who are incarcerated. Designated parking and a road sign giving direction to the church was also purchased. The Deaconess and Usher's Ministry was also strengthen and Bulletin Boards were built in the church lobby and a church sign was erected on the grounds.

In the year 2003 the church purchased and Electric Keyboard, installed speakers in the Pastor's Study and Dining Room. The church family also purchased an Amplifier to enhance our Tape Ministry started by our Pastor and Co-Pastor. We installed window facing and siding to the outside of the church. Pastor Tanzymore also donated to the Church a Tape Deck Recorder.

On January 28, 2003, one of our dedicated and faithful Deacons was called home. Deacon James Benefield, Sr. served as an Assistant Chairman and Treasurer of the church for many years. He loved his church and family. We miss him, even though he is absent from the body he is present with the Lord.

On December 1, 2004, Deacon Edward Lewis another one of our dedicated and faithful members was called home to be with the Lord. Deacon Lewis was a loyal and tireless worker for the people of God. He served the members of Phillip Grove well and did great work to keep our sanctuary clean and beautiful. He served as church clerk, chairman and an usher. We will forever remember him and we give thanks to God for all that he did.

Reverends Eugene and Bertha M. Tanzymore resigned on January 29, 2006, the church family presented them with a plaque for their service.

Reverend Ella B. Thomas
On Saturday, March 4, 2006, the body voted to elect Reverend Ella B. Thomas as Interim Pastor. Reverend Thomas, one that God has anointed and ordained to preach the word and render service to His people. Under her tenure the church remain steadfast and prayerfully in the word of God. Under her leadership the church established and adopted a Constitution and By-Laws; purchased new Communion Lids; painted the steeple of the church and outside railing of the annex, put up new storm doors; installed hot water in the men and women's bathrooms; as well as a water cooler; we also established a

Scholarship fund and building fund account. We thank God for Reverend Thomas spiritual insight, love, and dedication to this church family.

As a body of baptized believers we were give the tedious task of seeking a permanent pastor for this flock; With Reverend Thomas guidance we were able to put our truth in God almighty and on Saturday, December 2, 2006 the body voted to call Reverend Elliott Renard Bing as our pastor.

Reverend Elliott Renard Bing
Reverend Elliott Renard Bing accepted the charge as our shepherd and on Sunday, March 18, 2007, the Phillip Grove Baptist Church family installed him as our leader. Since Pastor Bing has been here, God continues to bless this membership. Our lives have been transformed spiritually, financially, and physically in our daily walk. The membership of the church has increase by Water Baptism (69), Christian Experience (45), letter (5), and (16) members have been Restored back to the family. Pastor Bing has ordained (1) to the Gospel Ministry Deacon Melvin Brown (2) Deacons: Trustee Larry Burke Willie Lockhart. In 2013 Pastor Bing appointed our church's first female Trustee in Sister Martha Kirkland. In 2009 Pastor Bing commissioned Tammy Kirkland, a faithful and dedicated church member with artistic skill to design a church logo. In addition, our Church has established a Mission and Vision Statement and theme; reorganized the Music Ministry; established a scholarship fund; remodeled our Vestibule and bathrooms; purchase new Audio and Office Equipment; we also purchased a bus and van as we continue to provide needed transportation to those wishing to come and worship together with other believers in Christ Jesus. We also established a Praise and Worship and Dance Ministry. Within the last year we developed a C D Ministry and as of January 1, 2010, we began our "Consider your Ways Campaign", as Pastor Bing brings forth the vision that God has given him for Phillip Grove and our new sanctuary.

The Phillip Grove Family, thank God for Pastor Bing, his family, and his dedication to this church, the people of God, and this community.


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